Emily Thornton - the artist

I paint portraits of fictious people sprung from memories, found images and from my own imagination. I paint with large brush strokes and vivid colours, often in a spontaneous and intuitive way, letting the process guide me toward each emerging character’s personality.

I'm interested in our times’ self-absorption and self-image and the seeming obsession with health and beauty, in vanity. My portraits are not bound to a specific place nor era. I want to invite viewers to project their own interpretations, to raise their own questions and to keep asking questions about identity and gender.

“My husband and I have collected art together for the last 15 years, using a strategy based on a mix of love at first sight and gut feeling. When seeing Emily’s work for the first time on Instagram we instantly knew this was an artist to watch but also that we wanted her art on our walls. She has an instantly recognisable style and her subjects tell a story that grabs your interest at first sight but also keep you wondering. We’re happy to support this amazing artist and look forward to getting to know more of her subjects in the future.“⁠

- Astrid