You used to be cool. Ever wonder what happened?

I get it.

Life didn’t turn out exactly as you planned it when you were a too cool for school teen, did it? Neither did mine.

Life happened. Living life on the thin line between self loathing and hubris got old. We got old! We focused on finding love, paying back mortgages and saving for our pensions instead. Good choice. I mean it! It’s the sound thing to do.

But if you still have that nagging feeling that there is a bit more to life than wiping snotty children’s noses, worrying about how many steps you’ve walked in a day and wether you’ll get promoted next year (god know it’s YOUR turn!), I invite you to step into my world.

Meet the lads!

I create portraits of fictive people sprung from memories, found images or from people watching behind dark glasses (a secret speciality of mine).

I'm specifically interested in our times' self-absorption and self-image and the seeming obsession with health and beauty. (I mean, counting steps? Is that really a healthy usage of our brains' capacity??)

I love people in general (not in a creepy way! Keep your pants on) and people full of quirks, oddities, flaws and unfulfilled dreams, especially.

So if you need a reminder that your goofy sides are wonderful too (most often, some are less so...)click link below.


Interview with artist

What influences do traditional cultures have on your work?
My greatest source of inspiration is just watching people – their facial expressions, their body language, their gait. Before the kids arrived, I could sit at a café or park bench for hours just observing the people around me....


Artist biography

... After five years in Paris (including a term abroad in Krakow, Poland) I graduated with a master’s degree in art direction from the well-known ESAG Penninghen school. And as a plus, I was now fluent in French! Although I loved Paris, and still do, my heart was at home so I headed north back to Sweden...


“My husband and I have collected art together for the last 15 years, using a strategy based on a mix of love at first sight and gut feeling. When seeing Emily’s work for the first time on Instagram we instantly knew this was an artist to watch but also that we wanted her art on our walls. She has an instantly recognisable style and her subjects tell a story that grabs your interest at first sight but also keep you wondering. We’re happy to support this amazing artist and look forward to getting to know more of her subjects in the future.“⁠

- Astrid