Artist biography

Artist biography

I was born and raised in Lund, Sweden. My mother’s Swedish and my father’s English. Growing up, our household was filled with music and books and I took an interest in drawing very early on. Shortly after graduating from high school in Lund I went to Paris to study art. I knew no French and hardly anything about French culture but had a burning desire to study in the art capital of Europe, so I stayed despite my initial lack of language skills.

After five years in Paris (including a term abroad in Krakow, Poland) I graduated with a master’s degree in art direction from the well-known ESAG Penninghen school. And as a plus, I was now fluent in French! Although I loved Paris, and still do, my heart was at home so I headed north back to Sweden and since then have worked as a freelance art director, the last couple of years almost exclusively for IKEA.

At ESAG, our first two years concentrated mainly on fine arts and during my whole art director career I have always come back to the basics – painting. The technique has varied from charcoal to oil and everything in between. Today I mostly paint acrylic portraits in bright colours on large canvases. Themes are most often gender-related and ask questions about identity.

I paint in my studio just down the street from where I live.

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