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Motherhood II

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'Motherhood II' - is a 330 x 410 mm original gouache on cotton canvas board. ORIGINAL PAINTING.

I painted this when my boys were still little. I can't remember now if I was longing for a bit of very rare alone time, or if I was just worried about something regarding their health and wellbeing, but I do know that every time I see this piece I get thrown back to that state of overwhelming love and care and simultaneously feeling trapped in an airless room with no escape route. Motherhood.


Product specifics

  • This is Miles, a one of a kind, 89 x 116 cm (x almost 2 cm deep) original acrylic painting on cotton canvas, and there's only ONE of him.
  • All paintings listed are ORIGINAL artworks by Emily Thornton and cannot be re-produced. They be delivered signed on back and varnished

  • Finished in September 2020

  • All paintings come unframed unless stated otherwise. Please get in touch if you'd like me to suggest how to frame this piece or if you're a local customer let me arrange framing for you. 

  • All paintings are packaged professionally and with care. Please allow 10-14 working days for processing and shipping. If you require a rush order please be in contact and I will do my best to get it to you as soon as possible.

  • If you would like to order 2 or more, please contact me for a discounted quote.